Tuesday Tunes 5/19/09 (About)
1. "Fallin' Up" Black Eyed Peas 2:28-3:03. Build.
I love the dissonant horn underneath the first ten seconds. At :10 BEP role player and hidden gem apl.de.app slides in for his verse, featuring this now-hilarious line: "We don't use dollars to represent/We just use our inner sense and talent." Whatever, dudes, enjoy your giant piles of sellout cash! The rarr sounds and "Alligator" lead in from :30-:34 are inspired whimsy. Where have you gone, B.E.P....
2. "February Stars" The Foo Fighters. 2:40-3:10. Variation.
Nirvana knew when to be loud and when to be soft, and Dave Grohl's post-Cobain career shows that he deserves some of the praise for that. This song mopes along for three minutes and then lurches through a crescendo during this snippet to finish the song among typically crashing guitars. It's not incredible song-smithery; sort of the music equivalent of throwing some more salt onto your bland dinner, but it's effective here. I wouldn't say that Grohl is a musical genius, but he's a complete professional with an eye for a hook and composition that's led to a long career. Good for him.
3. "Find the Cost of Freedom" Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young. :15-1:02. Variation.
Not much to say here: acoustic anti-war guitar noodling, and an objective lesson that you don't need distortion and effects to create a great solo. This song was an inspiration for learning to play the guitar. Note that the lead is exclusively on the left and the rhythm almost exclusively on the right, so you can play with your stereo settings to hear one or the other more closely.
4. "First Things First" J-Live. 1:54-2:24. Variation.
I'm a sucker for creative recording techniques. Sample yourself over and over; cut and paste with some unknown drops at the end of your two minute intro? I'm down. I usually find scratching tiresome, but in this instance it adds to the collage feel of this snippet. What is still totally bogus, by the by, is mixing together snippets of famous songs and selling the work as your own. Girl Talk: the world's first touring recording engineer. Maybe he can be on a double bill with like Hi-Tek, who can just press play on the Black Star album and call it a concert. Get your tickets early!
5. "For Whom the Bell Tolls" Metallica. 1:17-1:47. Variation.
The interesting thing about this snippet are the metallic effects you can hear on the far right of the mix. They sound like overdriven distorted pick sounds, but they're in rhythm with the lead guitar, which is on the left side of the mix. It makes me wonder whether Metallica added extra chunky pick noises with another guitar on a separate track, which would be neat. See if you can decipher it...it's strongest right away.