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Monthly Archives: July 2011

.gitconfig and core.autocrlf

A few notes on the git things I dealt with today: I updated my .gitconfig file to exclude everything in my wordpress directory from source control except plugins and themes. Since these were already in my repository, I need to remove them-git rm -rf –cached $files will do the trick. Note that if you leave […]

Time for Some Direction

Over the last month, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve, but I haven’t thought very much about what that means. Today that changed; I sat down and created a mission statement and some deliverables for myself with regard to improving I’ve recently made some decisions about basic tools to fill […]

Progress on the Dev Environment

Going over (or through!) all of the usual hurdles when you’re setting up something new for the first time. All sorts of little things to figure out, which you don’t even know need figuring out until you get there, adds up to everything taking longer than you think. I sat down this morning thinking that […]

Git Thoughts, Git Resources

We use Perforce at work, and that’s my only serious version control experience. Some thoughts about getting started with Git in the context of my at-work workflow: -Both Git and Perforce have a staging step, but Perforce’s step happens prior to file edits, while Git’s is after file edits. This results in a time-wasting checkout […]

Workflow changes at is approaching three years old. I’ve learned a lot about development since I created the site; it’s time for a design and development freshening, with the twin goals of making the site more visually appealing while also making the code more clear and maintainable. Before that makes sense, however, my development process for the […]