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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Overriding a Magento Controller

Magento uses an MVC design pattern, and provides facilities to override functionality of each part without overwriting the core code-leaving you in a position to make changes to the site code that won’t be overwritten by upgrades. Since we have moved to Magento Enterprise Edition for a new project (and are now contractually obligated to […]

Grader Snapshot

As I mentioned in the last post, the Project Blog has started to get a lot of spam comments, which means that it’s been crawled by Google. The Project Blog is a plain-jane WordPress install; I haven’t done any SEO on the site whatsoever. I ran the site through the useful SEO tool this […]

June Grab Bag

A comprehensive resource for learning about HTML5 that I’ve been poking at lately: Dive into HTML 5. How it’s evolved, how the new tags work and how to test for them. My guess is that HTML 5 is about to hit and that two years from now, the websites that people are talking about will […]