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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Adding a Configurable Attribute to an Existing Configurable product

In Magento, you might make a mistake, and create a configurable product without the attribute that you need. Or your products might change over time-your shirts might come in different colors now, when before they only came in different sizes. You can’t add a new configurable attribute to an existing product through the CMS; Here […]

Magento Bulk Product Import Guide Part 2: Images

Step 0 – Gather Images A nicely framed, high resolution image of your product is absolutely necessary for e-commerce success; I have seen sales increase by 200% simply by moving from a low res image that didn’t highlight the best features of the product to a high res, professional quality image. Some manufacturers will give […]

Running a Software Consulting Business

Not exactly what I’m doing at the moment, but these were very useful tips when I was getting started: Starting a Consulting Business Part 2 of Magento Import Guide Coming Wednesday!

Absolute vs. Relative Links

This link is an absolute link to my projects page: Projects. If you view the source on that link, you’ll see the following: <a href="">Projects</a> <a href="">Projects</a> As you can see, the entire uri,, is referenced in the anchor tag. This link is a relative link to my projects page: Projects. If you view […]

Useful Magento Links

A list of Magento-specific links that I find useful: Active Codeline. Branko Ajzele posts really useful code snippets, and is very good about explaining why what he’s doing is the right method-many bloggers just post a code snippet with a blurb about what it’s supposed to do–if you’re lucky. Mukesh Chapagain’s blog. Mukesh posts extremely […]

Magento Product Import Guide Part 1: What’s wrong with the Magento Built In Product Importer?

My company uses the Magento e-commerce platform for many projects. Magento is an open-source, PHP/MYSQL platform; it’s very flexible and powerful, but complex, and requires powerful hardware to achieve acceptable performance. Magento comes in a free community edition, which as of this writing has a current version of There is also a paid Enterprise […]