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Naming Conventions are Important

By default, Magento’s UPS module doesn’t report product dimensions to UPS for shipping calculations: a big problem when oversize products can result in a $50 large package fee, or even force a move to LTL. Looking over the UPS.php file, I can see the following: $r->getProduct(); ($r being the raw xml request object). Now, if […]

Grader Snapshot

As I mentioned in the last post, the Project Blog has started to get a lot of spam comments, which means that it’s been crawled by Google. The Project Blog is a plain-jane WordPress install; I haven’t done any SEO on the site whatsoever. I ran the site through the useful SEO tool this […]

Running a Software Consulting Business

Not exactly what I’m doing at the moment, but these were very useful tips when I was getting started: Starting a Consulting Business Part 2 of Magento Import Guide Coming Wednesday!