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Git Thoughts, Git Resources

We use Perforce at work, and that’s my only serious version control experience. Some thoughts about getting started with Git in the context of my at-work workflow: -Both Git and Perforce have a staging step, but Perforce’s step happens prior to file edits, while Git’s is after file edits. This results in a time-wasting checkout […]

Android: Environment Configuration

My Android emulator window doesn’t respect the screen resolution on my Macbook-so the emulator screen extends through the bottom of my window, and can’t be resized. To fix, follow this stack overflow answer. You may have to tweak the scale parameter, but the suggested .75 worked fine for me. The documentation here telling you how […]

Magento Models: Standard vs. EAV

Because Magento models include so many useful, extensible methods, it can be easy to forget that there are two quite different kinds of Magento models. There are basic, one model/one table models-these are fairly easy to create and maintain, and almost all of the “How to create a Magento Model” tutorials out there will show […]

View Source on Chrome

Ran into something interesting yesterday. On Chrome, when you view source, Chrome does a GET request on the current URL. However, on a dynamic page that was reached by a POST request, that often won’t work. For example, Magento’s order success page is reached by a PHP POST request. When you do a GET on […]

Autoload and Extended Magento Core Controllers

You’ll spend a lot of time extending existing classes when you work with Magento to take advantage of the copious built-in functionality. Here is a ‘gotcha’ when extending controllers: If you’re extending a ‘core’ factory controller, like so: class YourPackage_YourModule_IndexController extends Mage_Adminhtml_Controller_Action …then Adminhtml controller will autoload. However, if you’re extending a controller class that […]

Overriding core files: the definitive guide

At Overriding usually isn’t the best solution for adding new functionality, since you can only override each core file one time. However, for a quick fix, with a core Magento file that you are unlikely to need to change, it can be fine. This blog post collects the syntax for overriding each type of […]