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Category Archives: maintainability

Development Workflow Upgrade for

A day off means an opportunity to make progress on a redesign. The site (THIS site, save the extremely unlikely event that someone has stolen my content) is old and busted, having been designed and composed by an inexperienced yours-truly, five years ago. The first order of business, before the real work can proceed, […]

Workflow changes at is approaching three years old. I’ve learned a lot about development since I created the site; it’s time for a design and development freshening, with the twin goals of making the site more visually appealing while also making the code more clear and maintainable. Before that makes sense, however, my development process for the […]

Magento: No theming system for Admin phtml files

Magento has a nice theming system for front-end files: you can define different theme folders for front end components, and Magento will look in the defined folders for needed view files before defaulting to its default folders. This makes it easy to override front-end phtml files. However, I didn’t realize until today that this system […]

Absolute vs. Relative Links

This link is an absolute link to my projects page: Projects. If you view the source on that link, you’ll see the following: <a href="">Projects</a> <a href="">Projects</a> As you can see, the entire uri,, is referenced in the anchor tag. This link is a relative link to my projects page: Projects. If you view […]