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Magento Models: Standard vs. EAV

Because Magento models include so many useful, extensible methods, it can be easy to forget that there are two quite different kinds of Magento models. There are basic, one model/one table models-these are fairly easy to create and maintain, and almost all of the “How to create a Magento Model” tutorials out there will show […]

View Source on Chrome

Ran into something interesting yesterday. On Chrome, when you view source, Chrome does a GET request on the current URL. However, on a dynamic page that was reached by a POST request, that often won’t work. For example, Magento’s order success page is reached by a PHP POST request. When you do a GET on […]

Autoload and Extended Magento Core Controllers

You’ll spend a lot of time extending existing classes when you work with Magento to take advantage of the copious built-in functionality. Here is a ‘gotcha’ when extending controllers: If you’re extending a ‘core’ factory controller, like so: class YourPackage_YourModule_IndexController extends Mage_Adminhtml_Controller_Action …then Adminhtml controller will autoload. However, if you’re extending a controller class that […]

Overriding core files: the definitive guide

At Overriding usually isn’t the best solution for adding new functionality, since you can only override each core file one time. However, for a quick fix, with a core Magento file that you are unlikely to need to change, it can be fine. This blog post collects the syntax for overriding each type of […]

Magento: No theming system for Admin phtml files

Magento has a nice theming system for front-end files: you can define different theme folders for front end components, and Magento will look in the defined folders for needed view files before defaulting to its default folders. This makes it easy to override front-end phtml files. However, I didn’t realize until today that this system […]


New version of Xdebug released at the end of June; I missed it. More here. Debugging PHP can be quite difficult, and Xdebug makes it a little easier.

Overriding a Magento Controller

Magento uses an MVC design pattern, and provides facilities to override functionality of each part without overwriting the core code-leaving you in a position to make changes to the site code that won’t be overwritten by upgrades. Since we have moved to Magento Enterprise Edition for a new project (and are now contractually obligated to […]

Adding a Configurable Attribute to an Existing Configurable product

In Magento, you might make a mistake, and create a configurable product without the attribute that you need. Or your products might change over time-your shirts might come in different colors now, when before they only came in different sizes. You can’t add a new configurable attribute to an existing product through the CMS; Here […]

Magento Bulk Product Import Guide Part 2: Images

Step 0 – Gather Images A nicely framed, high resolution image of your product is absolutely necessary for e-commerce success; I have seen sales increase by 200% simply by moving from a low res image that didn’t highlight the best features of the product to a high res, professional quality image. Some manufacturers will give […]

Useful Magento Links

A list of Magento-specific links that I find useful: Active Codeline. Branko Ajzele posts really useful code snippets, and is very good about explaining why what he’s doing is the right method-many bloggers just post a code snippet with a blurb about what it’s supposed to do–if you’re lucky. Mukesh Chapagain’s blog. Mukesh posts extremely […]