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Category Archives: html

View Source on Chrome

Ran into something interesting yesterday. On Chrome, when you view source, Chrome does a GET request on the current URL. However, on a dynamic page that was reached by a POST request, that often won’t work. For example, Magento’s order success page is reached by a PHP POST request. When you do a GET on […]

June Grab Bag

A comprehensive resource for learning about HTML5 that I’ve been poking at lately: Dive into HTML 5. How it’s evolved, how the new tags work and how to test for them. My guess is that HTML 5 is about to hit and that two years from now, the websites that people are talking about will […]

Absolute vs. Relative Links

This link is an absolute link to my projects page: Projects. If you view the source on that link, you’ll see the following: <a href="">Projects</a> <a href="">Projects</a> As you can see, the entire uri,, is referenced in the anchor tag. This link is a relative link to my projects page: Projects. If you view […]