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June Grab Bag

A comprehensive resource for learning about HTML5 that I’ve been poking at lately: Dive into HTML 5. How it’s evolved, how the new tags work and how to test for them. My guess is that HTML 5 is about to hit and that two years from now, the websites that people are talking about will use these features in creative innovative ways. Perhaps most usefully, the site features a comprehensive guide to browser testing to determine if a new tag is supported.

This blog has begun to get a lot of spam comments, which probably means it’s starting to get crawled by search engines. I haven’t done any search engine optimization yet; I’ll take a look at how good WordPress is for SEO right out of the box and make a post about how to make it better this week, and start tracking the site with some analytics. While we’re discussing upcoming posting news, we’re also due for another installment in the Magento product import series, and a post or two about a database-driven web toy side project that I’ve been working on lately.

I’ve been doing some software design lately, but I’ve been feeling like my skills are lagging at both the macro and micro level: finding appropriate design patterns, and writing clean efficient maintainable code. Leaning on this Stack Overflow post about influential books for programmers, I’ve ordered the following classics, which I’ve never read:

I’m looking forward to digging into them over the rest of 2010. I’ll keep my eye out for good posting material from within them, as I apply them to my projects.

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