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Useful Magento Links

A list of Magento-specific links that I find useful:

  • Active Codeline. Branko Ajzele posts really useful code snippets, and is very good about explaining why what he’s doing is the right method-many bloggers just post a code snippet with a blurb about what it’s supposed to do–if you’re lucky.
  • Mukesh Chapagain’s blog. Mukesh posts extremely regularly, and has an uncanny knack for trying to solve exactly the same problem as me.
  • Quoting SQL in Magento. Magento utilizes the Zend framework, which has a built-in paramaterized SQL query system to defend against SQL injection attacks. This post shows you how to use it; you can usually use some Magento class or other to get around running arbitrary SQL queries in your scripts, but when you can’t, this post is quite useful.
  • Magento Forums. Usually the best place to begin a search when you have a problem you can’t solve. Very active and helpful.
  • Alan Storm’s Magento Articles An outstanding series about the guts of Magento’s MVC framework. A must-read series, if you want to understand the structure of Magento’s codebase. If my blog is a third as useful as Alan’s, I’ll consider it a victory.

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