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Magento Bulk Product Import Guide Part 2: Images

Step 0 – Gather Images
A nicely framed, high resolution image of your product is absolutely necessary for e-commerce success; I have seen sales increase by 200% simply by moving from a low res image that didn’t highlight the best features of the product to a high res, professional quality image. Some manufacturers will give you a .zip file of images for their products, but sometimes you have to go digging on their website. A useful tool for this is DownThemAll, a free Firefox extension for mass image downloads. There are many tools like this out there, and I have tried some and even written my own (Applescipt/Automator) tool for one special case, but this one is integrated right into the browser, gives you an intuitive GUI that lets you select exactly the images that you want, and is robust enough to handle thousands on images in one go. I’ve also tried DeepVacuum, WebDumper, SiteSucker, WebCopier. It is likely that you will want to experiment with many of these to find one that suits your needs.

A lot of times, your images will have garbage names, and you’ll want to rename them in order to keep track of them on your import, and to optimze them for search engines. A nice tool for this on OS X is A Better Finder Rename-you will want to pay the shareware fee in order to rename more than 10 files at a time.

Once I’ve gathered and renamed the images, I upload them to the media/import folder of our Magento installation-this is where the import script will expect them. I use Panic Software’s Transmit S/FTP program for file transfers.

Stay tuned for Part 3, “Evaluating the Product Spreadsheet and Setting up Magento

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