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Time for Some Direction

Over the last month, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve, but I haven’t thought very much about what that means. Today that changed; I sat down and created a mission statement and some deliverables for myself with regard to improving I’ve recently made some decisions about basic tools to fill some holes in my expertise: version control system, text editor. I’ve decided how I want my development environment workflow to fit together. Now it’s time to decide how to apply those tools.

Mission: should highlight my vision and project my professionalism as a midlevel web developer to site visitors, in terms of both Design and Content and Markup and Code.

    Design and Content: Professional presentation with the existing “sheets of notebook” paper framework as a guiding principle: a “freshening”, not a redesign

  • Inspirational guiding principles: add glitz and polish, 1950’s diner, neon, Vegas. Bolder, but still minimalist
  • Improve font choices: move away from ‘typewriter’ design
  • Instead of ‘sheets of paper’, edge towards ‘blank canvas’ vision of each page. Less structure with more vibrant presentation. Maitain rigidity, but with less boxiness: few curves, but see angles rather than lines
  • Existing colors are flaccid. Move from gray to white, and improve dim reds and blues and blacks
  • Professionalize content and message. More serious, more confident. Less purposefully obfuscatory
  • Integrate all pages into the new design: be rigorous about cohesion of presentation
    Markup and Code: Professionalize across the board

  • Restructure markup and css to reduce complexity and increase re-use
  • All markup standards compliant with html5 and css3
  • Improve browser compatibility: achieve consistency
  • Integrate sophisticated javascript to demonstrate ability, as appropriate. Imagine features for this purpose.
  • Choose a new server side language/framework. Leaning Ruby on Rails at the moment. More on this next time
  • Mobile: Make shine on iOS and Android devices

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