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Android: Environment Configuration

  • My Android emulator window doesn’t respect the screen resolution on my Macbook-so the emulator screen extends through the bottom of my window, and can’t be resized. To fix, follow this stack overflow answer. You may have to tweak the scale parameter, but the suggested .75 worked fine for me.
  • The documentation here telling you how to log errors is good (generally, you should read all of that documentation, but I recommend diving in first so that you have a little bit of context. I’m planning on getting these sample projects from the book up and running and then reading the docs before I build my first ‘real’ project.) The docs are unclear about how to actually SEE the logs though-from the main perspective, go to Window->Show View->Error Log.
  • With regard to the above, experiment with the available perspectives and views from the Window method to find all of the information that you might want. There is a lot more going on than what the default views in Eclipse will show you.
  • The modified TodoList project from Chapter 3 of the WROX book will default to Chinese characters. From googling around it appears that this is a common problem-it may even be a problem with shipped hardware, rather than an emulator problem! Follow this to fix.

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