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Magento: No theming system for Admin phtml files

Magento has a nice theming system for front-end files: you can define different theme folders for front end components, and Magento will look in the defined folders for needed view files before defaulting to its default folders. This makes it easy to override front-end phtml files. However, I didn’t realize until today that this system is not in place for adminhtml files. So, for example, I wanted to change a default coupon code value this morning. If I change the default file, my changes will be overwritten when we upgrade to a new version of Magento. Bad news!

This wiki post explains how to effect upgrade adminhtml changes by overriding the Adminhtml block class.

Quite straightforward-but not as easy as the front end theming system. Hopefully in future versions, that system will be migrated to the admin side-it would be great to be able to change admin views without having to override a core class.

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