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Grader Snapshot

As I mentioned in the last post, the Project Blog has started to get a lot of spam comments, which means that it’s been crawled by Google. The Project Blog is a plain-jane WordPress install; I haven’t done any SEO on the site whatsoever. I ran the site through the useful SEO tool this morning to see where we’re at. Website Grader takes a snapshot of your websites search engine optimization status; here is a link to the report.

My grade is 48, which isn’t terrible but isn’t good. There’s work to do. More important than the score is the report-looking it over, it looks like WordPress does a poor job optimizing the on-page content out of the box-page titles are not SEO-friendly, meta descriptions and alt texts on images are not present. I don’t have any incoming links, which matter a lot-if you enjoy the content here, link me! I don’t have any social media tied to the page either-no twitter or facebook. That’s unlikely to change.

This HeadSpace2 wordpress extension claims to solve my title and meta description problem. My sense of the search engine landscape is that titles and meta descriptions are necessary for ranking well in search, but aren’t going to make the difference between ranking well and not all by themselves. I’ll install this plug-in and configure the titles, meta information, and image alt tags, and report back tomorrow!

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